Ennard’s Night + Android Official Free Download


Ennard’s Night + Android Official is a fan-game based on the series of FNaF owned by Scott Cawthon. It gives you a thrilling adventure through many horror encounters with the animatronics. It is a Free Download on our website.

Also being similar to the story of many FNaF games, you will work as a night guard in a creepy building. You will take responsibility for checking cameras and make sure the security for everything from midnight to 6 am in tomorrow morning. However, you need to be alert with these animatronics because they will try to enter your room at night and move around.

Ennard's Night + Android Official
Ennard’s Night + Android Official

You have to monitor cameras carefully to find out their current position to prevent them from coming close to you. You must protect yourself from their horror attacks by wisely taking advantage of the surrounding objects or equipment.

Joining Ennard’s Night + Android Official and look for all the way to survive in Ennard’s Night. It is a warning that it will not be easy to overcome these horror challenges. Let’s download it for free and use your ability to complete Ennard’s Night.