ELLIE’S Free Download


ELLIE’S is a fan-made game that is made inspirited from FNAF 1. You can get its Free Download here on our website and experience how terrible it creates!

The gameplay of ELLIE’S seems to be similar to the original but actually, the concept is re-design into something new. It promises to be more mysterious!

This game starts at the restaurant named Ellie’s Milkshakes and Fries where you will work as a nightguard. But the reason why you apply for this job? In reality, you are an investigative journalist. It is rumored that a murder occurring in this restaurant and you want to discover exactly what is happening. As a result, you are hired to take a night shift for 6 hours.


You have to check cameras to observe any areas in this restaurant to find out the mystery. There will be something that is not right inside the restaurant. You will notice the appearance of animatronics robots and their abnormal behaviors. Try to self-discover the rest of your fate!

Download ELLIE’S for free and role play as an investigator to feel how ELLIE’S brings more mysterious than FNaF 1.