Desolate Nights HD

As its name, Desolate Nights HD is an interesting fan-made game that is based on Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. However, this game will bring to the players more new experiences when playing.

Desolate Nights
Desolate Nights

About Desolate Nights HD

This game is the story of Alfred who is finding a job. That is the reason why he makes the decision to work in Oracio’s family dining restaurant. Here, he does the job of the janitor simultaneously a security guard. And from that, many problems happen to him.

The animatronic will be lightened by an unidentified creature when the night wears on. Moreover, since the anti-theft protection has of the animatronics has been active that is the reason why they are attempting to kill you through 7 desolate nights.

Besides that, in this game, you also have to find items in the free-roaming to do your job. Of course, like the original game, the main task for you also keeps the office secure until 6 am.

If you want to prove your bravery, why don’t you download Desolate Nights HD and play it? This is really an interesting game that you should not miss in the future. Good luck!