Dayshift at Pepperoni 2 Free Download

Dayshift at Pepperoni 2, which is for free download here simply by a click, promises to give the fan community a very thrilling experience. A lot of things are waiting for you to explore in-death.

Dayshift at Pepperoni 2
Dayshift at Pepperoni 2


The game brings you to fall deeper into a story that sets in Freddy’s Pepperonerie. It is a great place for customers to eat. And now, you are hired to be an employee but works on the day shift instead of the night shift like in the original FNAF series. All you need to do in this place is to wear a horror mascot suit but be careful it is able to kill you. You also have to clean the floors, fix the robots, as well as any jobs the boss requires you to do.


The game comes with these outstanding features for players to enjoy:

  • It provides a better dialogue window
  • Enjoy larger maps
  • Instead of the crappy mouse control, this time, you will make the keyboard control
  • There are three levels during a day including Dayshift, Mini-game, as well as Flashback.
  • More endings
  • Enjoy a better plot than previously.
  • A lot of more interesting tasks for players to complete during day shifts.
  • And more!

If you are ready to enjoy Dayshift at Pepperoni 2, don’t hesitate to get it for free download.