Baby’s Nightmare Circus Free Download

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Being a horror game fan, baby’s nightmare circus is the game you can’t miss! Play the game for the best horror experience.

Baby’s Nightmare Circus is a small fan game based on the popular franchise: Five Nights at Freddy’s. The gameplay is similar as you have to go through continuous nights with animatronic characters.


In this game, you are trapped in your own mind and have to play through various different mini-games to defeat different monster in order to unlock babygeist. Defeat babygeist in order to end this game.

Gameplay Baby’s Nightmare Circus:

Game can be played in different modes: easy, medium and hard mode…

There are four mini-game similar to ‘nights’ in the FNAF franchise, they are called tents. Win each tent to unlock the new one.

In Baby’s tent: you will use a flashlight to scare the baby away from the tent entrance, make sure to step back immediately when seeing her right in from of you, or she will do a jumpscare.

Baby's Nightmare Circus
Baby’s Nightmare Circus

In BidyBabs’ tent: you will have to locate BidyBabs and flash your light at them, or they will cause your screen to flicker and Ballora will jumpscare at you.

In Ballora’s tent: you need to make sure your flashlight works perfectly as you have to shine her to let people watch Ballora dance.

In the music box tent: you will have to wind a music box for Ballora to dance to, if the music stops, she will kill you.

Defeat all tents will take you to Babygeist’s tent. Which is the final part of the game?

5/5 - (1 vote)