Abandoned Fazbear Diner REMAKE Free Download

Abandoned Fazbear Diner REMAKE aims to bring the players many new experiences with a lot of interesting things. It is a fan-made game but promises not to waste your time. Get ready to download it for free here.

Abandoned Fazbear Diner REMAKE
Abandoned Fazbear Diner REMAKE


The game comes with a thrilling story that brings you back to the year 1987. It sets in an abandoned pizzeria in local. Currently, this location was found and opened its door to the public one more time. They decided to order animatronic robots used to sing and dance to satisfy the customers, especially children. However, the robots unexpectedly behave very strangely at night for an unknown reason. So the place intends to hire a worker to work as a night guard and watch out for the facilities and take care of animatronics.

And you will play the role of this watchman. You need to check and monitor the security camera system in your office to make sure nothing goes wrong. If you see any of the robots moves or behaves weird, try to protect yourself at any cost. You are able to make use of your mask if needed.

What could go wrong? Quickly download Abandoned Fazbear Diner REMAKE for free here and start to explore the rest of the story. Can you survive until 6 am?