1000 Rooms at Spooky’s – A SHoJ FNaF mod! Free Download

1000 Rooms at Spooky’s – A SHoJ FNaF mod! is where you will be able to have diversified experiences. With its own new features and attractions, the game makes sure to satisfy you at first sight. Feel free to download the game here.

1000 Rooms at Spooky's - A SHoJ FNaF mod!
1000 Rooms at Spooky’s – A SHoJ FNaF mod!


Main game

This time, the players will join an adventure through 1000 different rooms of horror and try to explore all of the mysteries inside the mansion in order to eventually reunite with your family. Or you will succumb when having to fight against the eldritch force pulling the strings.

Endless mode

The players will put themselves into the shoes of John Higgins who is a former GL lab scientist. He is trying to escape from all sorts of monsters appearing everywhere in the building.

Initiative P.U.R.P.L.E.

This time, the players play as the role of a mysterious creature named 7200a0. He is attempting to get out of the curse: trapped in the mansion.

The nightmare hour

This mode is very unfair and one thing you need to know that it is impossible to complete. Rooms in this nightmare will make you disoriented.

Don’t hesitate to download 1000 Rooms at Spooky’s – A SHoJ FNaF mod! for free and we make sure that this game will not waste your time.